The StoryComp online course is designed so that you can pick and choose what you want to learn more about. Or to use the metaphor: you can choose your own path. There are several ways to navigate:

1. Directly in the picture

The large stones with symbols in the picture represent the 5 modules of our online course. If you are in a module, this is indicated by the token. The smaller stones now become the thematic sub-navigation. If you move the mouse over the stones, you will be shown the respective theme that is hidden behind them.

2. With the table of contents

Within a module, you will also find all subordinate topics on the first page and can get there directly by clicking on them.

3. Page by page

At the bottom of each page you can easily go to the next page. Or even to the page before, if you want.

4. With the overview of the entire course

The signpost leads you to the overall course overview with links to all subtopics.

There are some symbols in the course to help you find your way around:

An exercise or practical application of what you have just read.
We recommend the exchange with others and link to the forum.
Here you can find tips and tricks or links to further information on the topic.
This marks a short summary of the topic.
Here you will find the opportunity to test yourself with some thematic assessments.
We look forward to your suggestions and submissions!