Module -Storytelling

How can I promote my learners' storytelling competences?

Listening to stories adds to the competence of storytelling among the learners.
But it is worthwhile to consciously focus on the development of this competence and to work on it in a targeted way. In this way, participants' expressive skills can be strengthened, but also their abilities to communicate and be noticed, which is a basic prerequisite of participation. Those who can express themselves well are heard better and, above all, dare to articulate their opinions, ideas, problems, etc.

In a class or group, this gives the opportunity to work with the memories, experiences and stories of the participants. The biographies and experiences of the learners can be the focus, the stories in which they themselves are the protagonists. Or the stories of their imagination, with their fears, wishes, visions. Stories of individuals, stories about each other or shared stories.
In this chapter we have a look at what storytelling competences are and how you can support your participants to acquire them.

Source: Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft