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We would like to share with you our experiences, findings and results from this project and our work with storytelling in adult education. Here you will find a growing collection of materials on the topic, which are freely available for you to use and adapt in the spirit of Open Educational Resources.

Methodological Framework

… serves as the basis for the StoryComp concept, which aims to provide self-directed training opportunities for adult educators in storytelling as a creative method for promoting competence acquisition among adult learners in basic education and civic education. It is both the scientific foundation of our approach and the starting point for the development of the online course as well as the workshop concept.
Here you can download the Methodological Framework as pdf: STORYCOMP_Methodological Framework

Collection of Stories

… from the partner countries and beyond. These stories, classified according to their possible purposes, will provide a veritable fund for (future) storytellers in adult education and can be used equally as inspiration or a direct basis for work. Or simply for your own entertainment and relaxation in between.
The Story Collection as part of our online course is here available and includes a search function. Take a look!
The collection of all the stories we compiled by the end of the project is also available here for download as a pdf: StoryComp StoryCollection

Do you know a story that we should definitely include? Let us know and send us an email –
we look forward to it:

A small collection in the collection are our Christmas stories. Enjoy them!

STORYCOMP-XMAS STORY-The Legend of the fir tree


Workshop GuidelinesPracitcal Guide for Workshops

… are a practice-oriented, modular and thus directly and flexibly applicable guide with the aim of motivating and guiding adult educators to train, deepen and improve their storytelling skills together with colleagues in workshops. Here available for download as pdf: StoryCom Workshop Guidelines
The first part introduces the approach, peer learning and gives examples for planning and implementing your own workshops. The second part contains thematically ordered ready-to-use activity sheets for direct implementation. For more go to Workshops.

Video Tutorials

… are intended to support the Workshop Guidelines. The tutorials will provide insights into how to develop and improve one’s own skills and abilities in storytelling together. Take a look!


Learning Scenarios

… provide examples of how storytelling can be used for a specific purpose in basic or civic education with adult learners. In this compilation, there are a total of 14 learning scenarios that are also included as a module in the StoryComp online course.


The Story of StoryCompStory of StoryComp

… is the final product of the narrative evaluation, written by the project partners. Or to put it another way: It is a look behind the scenes and right into the development process of StoryComp – written piece by piece during the project.
Here for download as pdf: Story of StoryComp


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