We look forward to exchanging ideas with you – it’s great to have you with us.

You can find groups on various topics here and we hope that there will be more and more as time goes by. Take a look, be inspired and don’t hesitate to share your ideas, experiences and questions with us.

To make it as easy as possible for all participants, we have embedded a translation tool. So you can choose and use the language in which you want to read and write posts.

To make it as pleasant as possible for all participants, we kindly ask you to respect netiquette and be friendly with each other. (The moderator, a project partner, reserves the right to delete offensive, grossly unobjective or otherwise inappropriate contributions).

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      Do you need help?

      This is the place for your questions, be it about the website, the project or a specific issue from your work. Of course, we as the project team will do our best to help you quickly. But of course you are also invited to respond to the questions of other participants. Because we also want to learn a lot ... 😉

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      Contribute to our European Story Collection!

      Do you know a story that is very suitable to be told in a learning setting with adult learners? Share it with us! Please also briefly describe the learning setting in which you told or heard the story so that we can understand what this story is particularly suitable for. We are curious ...

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      Welcome to our StoryComp community!

      Here we invite you to briefly introduce yourself and your work, your interest in the topic and your experiences and, of course, to get to know the other community members. Tell us your story ...

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